DISA at the 1st Amed Book Fair

DISA’s stand can be found at the 1. Amed Book Fair that will take place between May 12 – 17, 2015. You may visit our stand at the fairground in Sümerbank to learn more about DISA’s current and former researches and to browse through our publications. The fair programme also includes a presentation of DISA’s researches and within this framework three panel discussions will be held on May 15, 16 and 17.

Feridun Birgül will share his comments on our research report that we plan on publishing this July as well as transmit the findings of our oral literature research that was conducted in partnership with TZP Kurdî in Amed, Behdinan, Botan, Dersim and Serhad regions last year. The panel discussion will take place May 15, at 13:00.

Nesrin Uçarlar will give a speech on the research book Nothing is Alright in relation to the outcomes of the Community-based Transitional Justice research which was conducted within the Restorative Justice and Peace-building programme. The speech will take place May 16, at 13:00.

Handan Çağlayan will present the book Different Languages Under One Roof which was published last year as a part of the Intergenerational Language Shift research and will take the book as basis to discuss the mother tongue usage in contemporary Diyarbakır. The presentation will be held May 17, at 14:00.

We’ll be happy to see you at our event to get a change to discuss and evaluate our research with you.

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