Alternative Education Models and Material Production

As part of the Trainer Training Program, DİSA organized a series of seminars and workshops on Sunday, March 20, 2016 under the title of Alternative Education Models and Material Production, […]

Methods of Avoiding Child from War

DİSA and GİYAV organized a colloquium on Saturday, March 19, 2016, at the Sümerpark Reception Hall, on the methods of avoiding a child from war / healing children education in […]

Seminars on Middle East – 1

Seda Altuğ was the speaker of the first of the Seminars on Middle East organized by DISA on January 4th in Diyarbakir. In this seminar, entitled “Uprising in Syria: State, […]

Documentary Screening: “The Voice of Bakûr Blossoms”

The screening of the documentary “The Voice of Bakur (“north” in Kurdish) Blossoms” took place on January 16th, Saturday, at 13:00, in Diyarbakır’s Chamber of Architects. The screening brought together […]

Diyarbakir Institute for Political and Social Research has published its latest research

The research book entilted “Nothing in its right place” Demands of justice and coming to terms with the past in the post-conflict period by our researcher Dr. Nesrin Uçarlar is […]

Amed Mother-tongue and Children Festival was organized bewteen 15-17 May

Due to 15 May Kurdish Language festival dedicated to the 15 May 1932 the date when Hawar Magazine started to its publication as a product of many organisation working on […]