The Mother Tongue and Pedagogy Research Program

Alternative Education Models and Material Production

As part of the Trainer Training Program, DİSA organized a series of seminars and workshops on Sunday, March 20, 2016 under the title of Alternative Education Models and Material Production, […]

Documentary Screening: “The Voice of Bakûr Blossoms”

The screening of the documentary “The Voice of Bakur (“north” in Kurdish) Blossoms” took place on January 16th, Saturday, at 13:00, in Diyarbakır’s Chamber of Architects. The screening brought together […]

Amed Mother-tongue and Children Festival was organized bewteen 15-17 May

Due to 15 May Kurdish Language festival dedicated to the 15 May 1932 the date when Hawar Magazine started to its publication as a product of many organisation working on […]