DİSA Conversation- Confrontation with the Truth-Elizabeth Oglesby

DİSA is hosting Prof. Elizabeth Oglesby, the reporter of United Nations Commission of Researching the Truth within the scope of Transitional Justice and Construction of Peace in Diyarbakır. The conversation titled as Confrontation with the Truth which will be about the constitution and operation of Commission of Researching the Truth will take place in Sümerpark Amed Art Gallery where the exhibition titled as Never Again! Confrontation with the Past and Apology continues on the date 14 June 2014 on Saturday at 14:00.

Elisabeth Oglesby is Associate Professor at the Centre for Latin American Studies, University of Arizona. She worked for NGOs in Guatemala and Central America on the return of forced migrants. She extensively writes on politics of justice, history and limitations of peace education. Oglesby worked as a consultant and report redactor to commission identified as the Guatemalan Commission for Historical Clarification (Truth Commission) of the United Nations.

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