This study is based on fieldwork. In the course of the research five regions of Northern Kurdistan were visited in seventy eight days.18 854 people were interviewed in fourteen counties and thirty two districts, two towns and sev- enty six villages.

Although a body of folklore research concerning Northern Kurdistan exists, this study differs in scope and aim. This research, conducted between late June and mid-September 2014, also aimed at recording and archiving Kurdish folklore in Northern Kurdistan. The overall objective of this broad study is to adopt collected folkloric products for the use in pre-school education.

We aimed to revise and present every story preserving features peculiar to its place of origin. Along with the stories, riddles, epigrams, nursery rhymes, games and other literary products are to be parts of the same educational set. Once materials for pre-school education are ready it will be time to develop program for older children.19 Furthermore, an anthology comprising of all the collected works is to be prepared. By doing so, works will be preserved in two forms: in the dialect of the recording and in written form in Zaza and Kurmanji Kurdish. At the later stage such publication will be presented to educational institutions and children.

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