Documentary Screening: “The Voice of Bakûr Blossoms”

The screening of the documentary “The Voice of Bakur (“north” in Kurdish) Blossoms” took place on January 16th, Saturday, at 13:00, in Diyarbakır’s Chamber of Architects. The screening brought together various institutions, trainers and trainer candidates that work with children on mother tongue issues. Following the screening of the documentary which tells the story of each phase of the Research on Oral Literature Oeuvres of Kurdistan, the research report Dengê Bakûr (Bakur’s Voice) and the Seta Gulgulîskên Zarokan which is a set of 21 educational books were introduced. This set of books is currently being used as educational material in camps around Diyarbakır and its surrounding region where residents are primarily from Sinjar and Rojava. Following the presentation by the research project coordinator Feridün Birgül, a Q&A was conducted with the participation of DISA’s chairman Necdet İpekyüz and project coordinator Atalay Göçer. The Q&A focused on both the film and the research itself. Increasing the number and dissemination of such studies was a common desire.

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